An analysis of the city state of athens and its council of elders

The second meeting was open to any issue, while the third and fourth meetings were given over to debates on religion and foreign and secular affairs.

Each tribe was in turn divided into three trittyes one from the coast; one from the city and one from the inland divisionswhile each trittys had one or more demes see deme — depending on their population — which became the basis of local government.

Both Plato and Aristotle addressed this problem in somewhat different ways. The Kollytos, in the southern part of the city, south and southwest of the Acropolis. The Ottoman Turks gained complete control of Athens in A.

What is the Elder wand?

Civil cases were decided by the ephorsand criminal jurisdiction had been passed to the ephors, as well as to a council of elders. Xerxes had built himself a throne on the coast in order to see the Greeks defeated. When was the war of Athens and Sparta?

The Industrialization of the Athens Region With the growth of population of the Athens region in the 20t Century came industrialization.

Even one family member speaking forsomeone else or telling someone directly what to do, is rare. After the ephors were introduced, they, together with the two kings, were the executive branch of the state. What were Athens and Sparta?

Why was education in Athens different from Sparta?

In treating size, Aristotle gives emphasis on the public function of cities: However, just before the heat of battle, King Demaratus changed his mind about attacking the Athenians and abandoned his co-king.

At an Assembly held on the 11th day of the first prytany, the people voted on whether or not to hold an review of all the laws Dem.

Girls were educated at age 7 in reading and writing, gymnastics, athletics and survival skills. Its beauty was chiefly due to its public buildings, for the private houses were mostly insignificant, and its streets badly laid out.

Since the defeat was largely blamed on democratic politicians such as Cleon and Cleophonthere was a brief reaction against democracy, aided by the Spartan army the rule of the Thirty Tyrants.

Banking in Ancient Greece It is estimated that there were banks in 53 Greek city-states Bairoch, Women did not participate in the political life of Athens. Others believe that it points to a compromise arrived at to end the struggle between two families or communities.

The agora became the focus of urban life because of such cultural functions as the theater, religion, and city administration. Roman kings council of elders? They were educated in choral dance, reading and writing, but athletics and military training were emphasized.What is a council of elders?

SAVE CANCEL a hill to the west of the Athenian acropolis where met the highest governmental council of ancient Athens an ntrolledthe running ofthe city-state.

Athens was similar to other city-states of the period of the Greek Renaissance with two important differences: (1) it was larger both geographically and in terms of its population and (2) those people it conquered were not reduced to servitude – this was the rule at Sparta.

Spartan Constitution

Sparta was ruled by two kings and a council of elders. There was also an assembly but they did not hold as much power as in Athens. The city-state of Athens is well known for its contributions to Western civilization in terms of philosophy, science, architecture, medicine, and mathematics.

Classical Athens

Hardly anyone pays any attention to the contribution of the city-state of Athens for its contributions to Western civilization in terms of urban planning, public administration, food. Sparta was an aristocracy that had a Council of Elders.

Athens was a democracy. It had a council too, of men over 30 years old. The discussion and analysis of the City of Athens’s (the City) financial performance provides an overall review of the City’s financial activities for the year ended December 31, 2 The purpose of this discussion and analysis is to look.

An analysis of the city state of athens and its council of elders
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